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5 ESAs that Require Minimal Exercises to stay Fit and Healthy

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Adopting an ESA is a huge responsibility because you have to take care of them and provide them with everything that they need from food, water, a place for sleep, and treats to taking them to daily exercise.

If you have a dog then, you have to take him daily for a walk so that he does not get obese. You know obesity is poison for an ESA dog. The dog must stay fit and healthy or it will age too fast. Being a dog mom, I am pretty much aware of the responsibility that having a realesaletter entails.

Owning giant pets is a huge commitment and if one is not ready to commit, I would highly recommend against it. You don’t have to not adopt them rather for those who don’t need to require exercises to stay fit.

But the good news is several ESA pets don’t require daily exercises or exercises at all. They are the best emotional support animals because you only have to care for their food, not for their exercise.

It is for those people who are more laid back and want a relaxed life. It could be for those as well who have some sort of disability that hinders them to do intense exercises regularly. This blog is for those who want a relaxed life and do not want to run marathons daily.

These six emotional support animals are:

Bearded Dragon

This weird type of animal is laid back and slow. People adopt him as an ESA due to his quintessential slow and steady nature. They are the most relaxed and calm animals who enjoy being petted by their owners.

Its life span is ten years in most cases if they are kept healthy. Their diet usually varies from vegetables to insects such as locusts, mealworms, and crickets. I don’t think so with that diet they need exercise at all.

However, they are capable of taking care of their exercises and you don’t have to take them for an exercise.

Such a laid-back and self-reliant animal.


Who does not love this goofy breed? Pugs are such lovely animals and are ideal for real esa letter. They walk slowly because of the tiny limbs. A slow and short stroll around the block is all exercise that this breed needs.

Yup, vigorous exercises for them!!

They are affectionate, smart, and enjoy being in the company of their owners, hence making them an ideal emotional support animal.


The name suggests that it is going to be a scary animal but worry not, it is just a small furry animal that has multiple legs. I know some people don’t like the idea of having a hairy spider around as an ESA but reports say otherwise. Make sure you have an ESA letter to keep them in your apartment. Without that, your landlord might object.

Many people have confirmed forming a tight bond with their tarantulas. They are meek creatures and like to chill and relax. Who doesn’t want that? Chill and relaxed life, dream life for sure.

The best thing about them is sometimes they don’t move at all from one spot. Its life span is 20 years and viola, your 20 years are sorted.

The downside of keeping a tarantula as an ESA is that they are not very huggable and they get spooked quite easily. This is an ideal emotional support animal but a very hands-off animal. However, they are good at reassuring you, their presence.


Many people are repulsive to this animal but contrary to popular belief, it can form a great emotional bond with the owner. They are known to be cold-blooded animals but they are an ideal ESA. Few breeds such as a gopher snake, a corn snake, and a ball python can make great ESAs.

The best thing about them is that they are comfortable, timid, and tame in human company. It also means you won’t expect them to get spooked easily. Make sure you have an emotional support animal letter before bringing them home because your landlord might make issues and won’t allow it. Some people have a phobia when it comes to snakes so, this is another reason, your landlord makes an issue out of it.

All your snake will need an appropriately temperature-controlled vivarium with sands, branches, and rocks. The place has to be perfectly kitted-out though. This vivarium is the place that it will most likely spend its time.

No walks, nothing, just plain chilling in the vivarium. What more could you want?

You can play with them but you won’t have to take time out and actively exercise them.

Guinea Pig

Guinea pigs are great ESAs. They are beautiful and adorable creatures and active creatures. This means that they can get their daily exercise in their well-kitted out space. The space has to be large for them to live comfortably, almost 47x 24 inches.

Other than that, they don't have to be actively taken out for exercise. Just provide them the right equipment, toys (pipes and cardboards), a large run, and an indoor sleeping area. They will take care of their own needs.

They are allowed to leave their cages but make sure your house’s doors are all closed while they are on their daily exploration.

A very perfect emotional support animal for those who don’t want an active lifestyle.

As people continue to adapt to the realities of the pandemic, the need for emotional support animals (ESAs) has become increasingly apparent. However, many potential ESA owners may be concerned about their ability to provide sufficient exercise for their furry companions. Fortunately, there are several breeds that require minimal exercise to maintain their health and well-being. These include the Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Maltese, and Pomeranian. By choosing one of these low-energy breeds, ESA owners can ensure that their furry friend receives the emotional support they need without requiring extensive exercise. For more information on the benefits of emotional support animals, visit

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