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Basenji Dog Breed - Best Fit to be kept as ESAs

from Feb 24, 2023 hours 09:22 (UTC +00:00)
to May 17, 2024 hours 09:22 (UTC +00:00)


from Feb 24, 2023 hours 09:22 (UTC +00:00)
to May 17, 2024 hours 09:22 (UTC +00:00)


An emotional support animal is very effective to improve the mental health of a person. ESA gets assigned by a therapist along with an ESA letter. All basic rules and instructions are present in the ESA letter which is considered to be an official document. Once you are assigned with an ESA, it also gets assured that it remains with you whenever you need it.

If you are looking for recommendations to write an essay letter, then with an emphasis on customized service, we carve out opportunities to comprehend the exceptional necessities and conditions of every client, guaranteeing that they get the most significant level of care and consideration. Whether you're searching for another consistent encouragement creature letter or need assistance with a current one, RealESALetter is the trusted choice for quality and moderateness. Experience the distinction today and let us assist you and your darling pet with flourishing.

Having an Emotional Support Animal (ESA) can provide numerous benefits to individuals who suffer from mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In addition, obtaining an ESA letter in different states has different benefits. RealESALetter provides esa letter oklahoma, esa letter minnesota, esa letter iowa so that you can get benefits in different states.

There are different pets that can be kept as an ESA. Basenji can be considered for this purpose as one of the most affectionate dog breeds. Basenji has unique features which make it the best fit for ESA. The features of Basenji are as follows:


The Basenji is not a barker as it is considered to be the oldest breed of domesticated dogs. Ancient people used to prefer those dogs that were quite on hunts. It barks but only for once. Basenji is quite different from domesticated dogs due to its metabolism which resembles the wild canids. Congo is its region of origin. The cycle of female Basenji is also different from dogs. Basenjis are rare and rank at 84th among 155 breeds of dogs.


Basenjis have an ideal size. Male Basenjis have a shoulder of 17 inches and weigh about 24 pounds. The shoulder of the female Basenjis is 16 inches with a weight of 22 pounds.


Basenjis have a unique personality. They are hounds which makes them intelligent and independent. But along with these personalities they are affectionate and alert as well. Every motion catches his attention. He chases all moving things like cats, squirrels and rabbits etc. He will think before obeying any command. You need to be patient and should have a good sense of humor to live with basenji. He will remain aloof from strangers. If you have not raised him with cats or other animals don’t leave basenji with them.

Basenji requires initial socialization and training. Expose him to different people, sights, experiences, and sounds in their initial age. Early training and socialization will grow the puppy into a well-rounded dog. The regular walk and interaction of basenji will polish his social skills. Treat the basenji with kindness and consistency so that he can love you in return. He will provide you with all his love and affection which will improve your mental health.


Basenji daily needs exercise because he is a hunting dog. Some are good with the daily walk while there are some which require enthusiastic exercise. He is considered an escape artist and if you do not keep an eye on him he will vanish away. 30-minute play sessions and walks keep him energetic and well suited to the apartment and condo life. Do not keep him confined to the limited areas by the usage of the fence. Basenjis do not like rain. They like to go out only in the sun and on a hot day.


The recommended feed for the Basenjis is a high-quality dry food that should be divided into two meals. The basenji is structured just like deer. Provide him with food twice daily to maintain the physique. Snuffle mat for dogs are available now which can reduce the eating habits of dogs.

Children and other Pets

Although Basenjis are not fond of children, their high energy levels make them good companions. It is best for them to be raising them with children. Don’t let him alone with the pets and animals to which he is not familiar.

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