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Diploma in a week: is it realistic to write it yourself

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from Oct 26, 2021 hours 21:53 (UTC +03:00)
to Feb 17, 2022 hours 21:53 (UTC +02:00)


How to write a report for thesisWriting a report to defend a thesis is the final phase of a complex, many-day, painstaking work. With help of it becomes less hard and painfull, give them a try. The presence of the thesis and its competent defense serve as a legal basis for the assignment of the corresponding professional qualification to the student.

An effective presentation is the basis for success

The report, or speech given by the student at the defense, sets a logical point in the learning process. The report can be seen as a kind of presentation of scientific and practical achievements.

An effective talk is extremely important. Usually, only a few people read the thesis (maximum - they look through the abstract, introduction, conclusion and bibliography). Everyone present, especially members of the commission, listens to the report. The assessment is largely determined by how the student formulates and presents the main provisions developed in the diploma.

The report should interest the audience, and this is possible only when the information is presented in an interesting, consistent manner, and the student feels free and confident. It is not recommended to read the text of the report, it is better when the content is retold. It will not be possible to make a beautiful speech spontaneously, it is more effective to prepare thoroughly and in advance. It is good for a start to have a sample report for your thesis, which will help you navigate the preparation. After studying it, you can start writing your own speech. Or you can order your speech for thesis at web-site for a well price.

Pre-defense allows you to rehearse your performance, to understand how everything will happen.

General requirements for the report

How to write a report for thesis? An example will help you figure it out. The optimal duration of the report should not exceed 10 minutes, but it would be good to keep within 8. The sequence of the message depends on the form of presentation of the thesis / work, but usually includes:

  • Introduction (topic, purpose, structure of work).
  • The volume and content of the main parts.
  • Detailed characteristics of the sections.
  • The positive aspects of the work, where they can be implemented in practice.
  • The presence of external positive conclusions about the results.
  • Main conclusions and directions for further research.
  • One of the significant shortcomings in the defense is the isolation of the report from the visual and graphic materials presented to the members of the SEC. In such cases, they have a well-founded impression of the fragmentation of the work, the lack of integrity and logic of presentation in it.

    Another common mistake of graduate students which considered by professionals at is that some sections of the project are not sufficiently covered during the presentation. This can create the impression that the graduate student does not know these parts of his own project very well. In such cases, it is recommended that it is especially good to highlight exactly the unclear moments of the work, and those sections that the graduate student are well familiar with should be deliberately skipped, provoking questions from the GEC members. Naturally, the answers to them will be the most detailed and deep. This will have a positive effect on the final grade.

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