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I want to know everything: how to get the most out of self-education

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from Jul 20, 2021 hours 20:39 (UTC +03:00)
to Jul 21, 2021 hours 20:39 (UTC +03:00)


Define a goal

To know where to go, you need to see a specific goal in front of you. The more clearly you articulate it, the higher the likelihood of success. If you are going to an English course, do not set your goal to "tighten your language", formulate it differently.

Make a plan

It is better to split a long path into many small sections. Write down in detail what you may need in the learning process, what actions you need to take every day, what you are going to do once a week, etc. Start the day by checking the plan and making a to-do list for the near future. Don't change plans in the process, but don't be discouraged if something went wrong. If you want to improve your writing writing papers then make a plan for how you will do it. Don't forget to add help with accounting homework there to help you write. This way you will be successful.

Come up with motivation

Set intermediate goals: for example, prepare a presentation for friends at the end of the second week of training, write a detailed post on social media about what you learned from the class. Write a written work on a specific topic. To do this, will help you, which is very good at doing this. This way you can express your emotions on paper.This will not only give you new impetus, but also help to put the knowledge gained in your head. After passing a difficult exam or credit, reward yourself with a trip to the movies or a day off.

Take breaks

Exercising for several hours without rest, you are more likely to acquire not new knowledge, but stress, lack of sleep and nervous exhaustion. Pause every half hour. Try to go outside, walk, meditate at this time. Social media and other sources of information can be an additional source of stress, try not to overuse them.

Use additional resources

Despite recent studies that have proven the low effectiveness of audio and video courses, they can still be used as an alternative source of information. Look for interesting speakers, pay attention to non-standard presentation, choose lectures in a foreign language - this will double the benefits of classes and help you better remember what you have already learned.

Train others

In 1969, American teacher Edgar Dale discovered that the most effective way to learn something is to teach it to others. Try giving an impromptu workshop for friends, sharing new information with your little brother, or retelling what you read to a friend. The material that you explained to another in your own words will be learned by you forever.

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