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Elements that Affect Language Acquisition

Tuesday Apr 25, 2023 hours 20:48 (UTC +05:30)


Tuesday Apr 25, 2023 hours 20:48 (UTC +05:30)


Finding strategies for instructors and students to make teaching easier for them is the major goal of the elements impacting language teaching and language acquisition. It implies that both teachers and students have a role in teaching and learning. Learn several courses such as German Course in Hong Kong, a JLPT certificate in Japan, and Learn French In Hong Kong at Immerse Languages Institute to achieve optimal communication.

The following are the elements of language learning:

Background Information

Background knowledge of the students is cited as a crucial cognitive factor that might facilitate learning.

According to cognitive theory, learning must be relevant to students. In other words, the new information needs to be relevant to the earlier data.

Affective Variables

The behavior and attitudes of the learners are affected by affective factors. One student may use the example of an overachiever who does considerably better than anticipated since the crucial elements influence the speed at which he or she is learning the language.


Before looking at how motivation affects language acquisition, it is crucial to understand that the only component that influences learner performance is motivation when paired with other factors. It can be seen that motivation is the foundation of my classroom learning and teaching. When students are motivated, teachers can do their tasks more easily.

Motivation refers to the inner force, attitude, and desire that steers to a certain activity. One of the key elements of learning may be motivation. Any person who is not driven to learn will not do so, regardless of the tools, resources, or techniques we employ. Integrative or intrinsic motivation relies on a person's ideals and the satisfaction of feeling good to elicit a favorable response.


A collection of ideas that influence how one acts or judges conduct is known as an attitude. The explanation behind language attitude is complicated.

A concept that may be characterized as a dynamic structure of learner attitudes as well as one of the existential skills.

Educational aspects

While the teachers c

ertainly contribute significantly, the students are the main focus while teaching second language abilities. While establishing objectives, running lessons, establishing standards, and evaluating students' progress, teachers are accountable for the context of teaching languages.

Language teachers must be professionals with a strong knowledge of the language they teach. To prepare for orientation towards the target language and community, learners must be conversant with both language cultures. In particular, newly hired instructors who have less knowledge and experience need to be taught how to instruct pupils using efficient teaching strategies and procedures. Seminars assist teachers in updating their knowledge of new teaching and learning methodologies.

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