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Everything you need to know about credit card defense lawsuit

Thursday Dec 22, 2022 hours 19:58 (UTC +05:30)


Thursday Dec 22, 2022 hours 19:58 (UTC +05:30)


Once you fall behind on your bill, your credit card company keeps reminding you about paying the remaining amount. You might get a call from the card issuer who will ask you to pay your bill. But if you ignore all the calls, they give you the final chance to pay back and you get a call from the debt attorney. If you ignore that as well, the credit card company might file a lawsuit against you. That's when you receive a summons from the court and that's when you need a Bronx Credit Card Defense Attorney to handle your case and pull you out of the situation.

What is the summon all about?

The summon is sent by the court on behalf of the company. They ask you to pay back your remaining amount. There are a few things that are included in the summons:

  • Name of the credit card company that filed the lawsuit
  • Name and details of the cardholder
  • Debt to be paid by the cardholder
  • Date of the hearing. You have to be present at court on that day
  • Steps of further proceedings
  • What should you do after receiving the summon?
    • Don't be afraid after receiving the summon.
    • Read the summon carefully. This is a formal complaint.
    • Understand what is the process to be done
    • Check how much time you have left before hearing
    • Meet a professional to get Best Defense Against Credit Card Lawsuit
    • Share details with them and tell them about your current financial situation.
    • He will proceed according to your financial capability.

    Why do you need a debt attorney?

    Hiring a debt attorney for Bankruptcy and Credit Cards is inevitable because they will advise you to proceed according to your financial need.

    • If you have the resources to pay back the money but you need time to do that, the debt attorney will negotiate with the lender and plead for the time. If the court allows the cardholder to take the time to pay back the money, then they will act accordingly. Otherwise, they will proceed according to the court order.
    • If you don't have money to pay back the lenders, your attorney will apply for a bankruptcy case where the court will give the order to sell the assets of the lender and pay them back.


    Hiring an attorney can be expensive, but at the time of need, a responsible and positive-minded attorney only makes Best Defense Against Credit Card Lawsuit. He will guide you and help you through a difficult time.

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