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How to Deal With Increasingly Tight Internet Business Competition

Thursday Jul 30, 2020 from 17:46 to 19:00 (UTC +03:00)


Thursday Jul 30, 2020 from 17:46 to 19:00 (UTC +03:00)


The name of the business must be competition in it, not to mention business on the internet . From time to time, year after year it seems that the potential and opportunities for internet business are increasingly in demand.

The rapid development of technology is a signal that to be able to keep up with progress, people must immediately upgrade their abilities to be able to compete more broadly.

Those who used to have VeePN are now beginning to expand into the realm of the internet. Not only from the middle to upper classes, not even the lower classes also contributed to the fortune in it.

So it's no wonder that only a handful of people like those who are good at coding can create a website, now ordinary people can also do it without even having to understand the programming language.

Especially now the Indonesian government is campaigning for technology literacy programs for its people. This can be seen with the spread of internet connections that are starting to penetrate into the regions. Even institutions that were not previously touched by the internet are now available.

Utilizing these developments, many people have gaps and can take the opportunity for them to make land looking for income and so they join in and enliven the internet business market. Then inevitably, there must be competition and must be faced.

So how do you deal with the competition in the internet business, and how to subvert rival rivals in our field?

Actually to face the competition of internet business that is so tight is not to go against the flow by joining in trying the same thing with businesses that are more advanced first. But by modeling what already exists .

Because if you join in the talkative want to compete with them, surely it will be difficult especially if they already have a brand in the eyes of consumers.

Each internet businessman has his own strengths, so to face the competition of the business itself must also adjust to the field they work at.

For example, it is interesting to read the latest ebook experience of winning the SEO contest Mr. Kusuma Putra in his secret search engine ebook . In it more or less stated, that to win the competition of the contest, do not have to "elbow" the opponent, but vice versa, namely "holding" them.

In this case it is the exchange of links that on that occasion I personally also exchanged links with him and the results were seen at the end of the contest, we both became winners even though the position had to be different. Even so, not a few people who insisted on not doing this way.

There were also people who participated in the blackhat method by copying past the articles of other participants who had gotten a good position on Google, the goal was of course to drop the participant from his position to be considered duplicate content by search engines. But unfortunately this method did not work because it was proven that the participant's blog was still strong in the top position.

And by duplicating content is not the only way to bring down opponents in order to win the competition, even with such an image it will only bring down oneself which will lead to a bad image that impacts on the field of business being involved.

One more example, look at the beautiful collaboration carried out by Mr. Joko Susilo and Nicko Martantyo. Even though their products are similar, they can still work well together and not elbow each other. 

Yet if we know that Nicko Martantyo himself is a reseller of Business Formula. Because he might be aware of his opponents, he included Mr. Joko Susilo's testimony in his Thegeniusbiz sales letter which also contained a Reseller link from Mas Nicko Himself.

For Nicko himself with testimonials from Mr. Joko who had already been ripe, of course, it will increasingly make the product more concerned and can raise the sales ratio because it has the trust of people who have previously been successful.

Isn’t this a terrible collaboration?

And this is in my opinion a good way to deal with increasingly fierce internet business competition by making competition more healthy and even mutually beneficial rather than by "elbowing" and dropping each other. Because if it is done, surely all people will be harmed, both the elbow and the elbow themselves.

For this reason, if you pursue internet business in a field and coincidentally the competition you face is tight, you should avoid elbows and elbows like the example above, can be by way of modeling or in the form of joint ventures (cooperation) , or in other ways that the point is mutual benefit.

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