Jobs in Dubai

from May 14, 2024 hours 21:18 (UTC +05:00)
to May 31, 2024 hours 21:18 (UTC +05:00)


from May 14, 2024 hours 21:18 (UTC +05:00)
to May 31, 2024 hours 21:18 (UTC +05:00)


Jobs in Dubai

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Jobs in Dubai

Dubai is considered as one of the global hubs of Jobs in Dubai business and technology. With the city growing, the employment opportunities in Dubai are also expanding. With a vast number of opportunities available, how would you know the ideal choice of Career in Dubai?

The first step in choosing a career is assessing yourself. Many great careers options are available. However, which one is suited for you and your passion? You need to check in with yourself first. Knowing your skills, strengths, passion will help you choose the best long-term career for you.

Finance and Banking: If you are good with numbers and money, Finance and Banking would be your option – This includes Accountant, Financial Analyst, etc. Because of the growing businesses in Dubai, Financial experts are now in demand as they are set to be the evaluators that can help the business owners take care of their money. Finance and Banking are set to grow up to 9% from 2021 – 2031 based on study.

Hospitality and Tourism: The Hospitality industry that experienced a huge set back during the pandemic is making their comeback now. Since Dubai is one of the business and leisure hubs; hotels, restaurants, travel spots are now thriving to be on top. Opening leisure spots is one of the ways of the country to attract business owners/investors. Therefore the demand for Hospitality and Tourism is greatly increasing. This career is expected to grow steadily towards 2030.

Construction and Engineering: Acquiring licenses is a must for Engineering profession in Dubai, so before opting for it make sure all the legal requirements are fulfilled. Dubai’s Construction and Engineering field has been and will always be established and stable career– We all know that Dubai is known for its modern infrastructure, the famous Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, the Palm and many more. Because of the continuous expansion and growth of the country, this opportunity will not go anywhere.

Digital Marketing and Advertising: Moving on with our ‘’Marketing People’’! It’s your time to shine as currently Digital Marketing is creating its name in Dubai’s job market. We have established that Dubai, and UAE itself has a significant growth especially in e-commerce aspect. Since UAE is a hub for technology, the demand for Marketing and Digital Advertising is making its way on top as well. This career will run its course a very long time and expected to be stable for the coming years.

Supply Chain and Management: Meanwhile, for Operations profession, the Supply Chain and Management is still one of the best career choices in Dubai. As the city is growing, the businessmen are investing, making Supply Chain a stable choice. Supply Chain offer a wider variety of opportunities to Jobseekers, however for career advancement, having more trainings, pursuing higher degree and securing certifications will help you and your resume. Investing in your experience and knowledge for Supply Chain is correlated to career advancement.

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Digital Content creator is making its name as career as well. This is not just in Dubai but in other parts of the world. Due to quarantine during pandemic, social media took over operations of majority of businesses for over 2 years and it offered a great opportunity for digital content creators. Aside from having your full-time job, this could be a better option as your part time job as long as you will adhere with UAE laws.

Because of the continuous growth of the city and its economy, the demand for careers is spiking as well. If you are taking the leap in career change, you need to consider at least the career that will be stable in the long run. Stepping outside your comfort zone is terrifying, but it will help you to bring out the creative side of yourself, it will build your self confidence and you can discover a new version of yourself. A version that you never knew you have.

And don’t forget to enjoy the new journey that you will be entering. The journey will always be more important than the destination.

So go ahead, step out of your shell, explore yourself!


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