Laser Engraver Product Ideas (Wood, Glass & Metal)

from Jan 17, 2023 hours 16:55 (UTC +08:00)
to Jan 17, 2025 hours 16:55 (UTC +08:00)


from Jan 17, 2023 hours 16:55 (UTC +08:00)
to Jan 17, 2025 hours 16:55 (UTC +08:00)


More and more people are getting into the laser engraving industry, and for good reason.

Not only is it lucrative, but it's also very practical, as you can use scraps from your practice to improve your home decor.

If you just bought a atomstack laser engraver and don't know what's best for your niche, you're in the right place. Today I'm going to introduce you to some of the best laser engraver product ideas that can make you a fortune without being too complicated for both beginners and intermediates to master.

1. Customized wooden photo frame

The difficulty of this project is up to you. You can stick to the simple idea and have a piece of wood engraved to fit a standard-sized photo, or you can etch beautiful details on the sides, and even offer portrait engraving services.

Regarding the latter, woodcut portraits are one of the most profitable products you can specialize in. You don't need to etch the portrait yourself - if you have a high-quality laser engraver, just paste the photo into your engraving software and specify the dimensions.

The nice thing about picture frame products is that almost any shape sells well. If you are still learning, I suggest you start here.

2. Wooden Heart Gifts

With enough holidays and birthdays, you can be sure the carved wood heart gift is a bestseller. Similar to the wooden frame, the gift heart is relatively easy to make, but some new elements make this project more challenging, most notably the curved cutout.

Assuming your laser engraver is accurate enough to carve a heart-shaped piece of wood out of your material, I recommend you practice your wood sanding skills and sand these products to perfection.

This is one of those products that you can sell in a number of ways. Whether you start your own shop or sell to a gift shop is up to you.

3. Wooden trophy gifts
If etching custom cutouts isn't your thing, one of the easiest and most profitable product ideas I can recommend is giving wooden awards and trophies a try.

Laser engraver for wood

The most straightforward type of product you can create from a log is to cut it to packable size, sand the edges, and engrave words like "Best Athlete", "Best Mom" or anything like that.

Leave blank if you want to make more money with personalization - it will take a minute of your time, but you can earn at least $10 more per product.

Woodwork Carving Tips
Wood is generally router-friendly, but you should still follow all safety precautions when working with wood.
The availability of wood heavily affects its price. Sometimes it may be cheaper to order bulk goods from overseas if you have enough storage space.
Low-quality wood is not suitable for laser engraving. High temperatures tend to destroy it.
Ash and black walnut are the most affordable types of wood. For a one-shot wood where quality is paramount, ebony is the ultimate, most sought-after type of wood you want to be fully prepared before attempting to carve.

4. Glass

Etched glass tumblers are gaining popularity among consumers and manufacturers/retailers. They don't cost too much to produce, so you can find a good deal no matter where you are.

Laser engraver for glass

If you want to make your own tumbler, the easiest way is to order a glass and decorate it with a piece of plastic. The reason this process is easier than making glassware is that you can engrave these plastic ornaments before placing them on your new glass.

If you feel like this is the niche you feel most comfortable in, one of the best ways to take advantage of engraved glass is to partner with local gift shops and coffee shops. Whether they send you bulk orders every now and then or one-off orders, you can almost guarantee a slow but steady impact on your local market.

5. Wine glass

More delicate than glass, wine glasses are more difficult to carve. However, this is where the biggest money is because you have unlimited options for your business. You can create custom wine glasses, engrave fine glassware for renowned brands, or place a custom order online.

Similar to engraving wooden trophies, you can etch custom text for various occasions, or complete a personalized order, but I highly recommend contacting a company that specializes in wedding arrangements - engraving high end glassware in bulk is the way to go One of the best ways to get the most out of your atomstack s20 pro laser engraving machine.

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