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Latest Restaurant Furniture Trends

Saturday Mar 18, 2023 hours 02:55 (UTC +05:30)


Saturday Mar 18, 2023 hours 02:55 (UTC +05:30)


The world of high-end commercial interior design is witnessing a revival of rustic charm and the simplicity of mid-century style. Many high-end restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs are embracing these concepts to give their customers the best of both worlds. At L'Atelier Mata, we offer the latest restaurant furniture trends, including live edge restaurant tables and bespoke oak tables that provide the perfect blend of rustic and modern design.

The mid-century modern design is a popular choice for many restaurant owners as it is stylish, refined and takes up less space. Our chairs made of new materials come in a variety of colours and offer a beautiful, understated appearance. At L'Atelier Mata, we keep up with the latest trends in the restaurant industry and provide our luxury clients with high-end furniture that is both timeless and chic.

Some of the latest restaurant furniture trends include a contemporary interpretation of a well-known form that provides the cosiness of fond memories and the freshness of a streamlined silhouette. Our bespoke Oak table checks both the rustic feel of wood and the preference for modern furnishings. The English Walnut Dining Table is all about assurance and sturdiness, with sledge feet and sturdy circular tubing that give character to the bar and encourage confidence. And don't miss the chance to add a pop of colour by selecting brightly coloured seating options like our waterfall bench that is capable of creating a visual impression despite its basic appearance.

Consumers today are more environmentally conscious and prefer to patronize eateries that share their values. Therefore, the best option for dining establishments is to use furniture made of sustainable materials like bamboo, recovered wood, recycled plastic, or cork. Our restaurant bespoke wood tables have inventive forms that add the beauty of an ice sculpture for a fresh perspective on the traditional pedestal table. The matching armchairs and stools share the same distinctive design and geometric outline, making them highly regarded restaurant furniture trends.

In addition to design, restaurant furniture trends now focus on using environmentally-friendly solutions, from furniture constructed from recycled materials to locally grown lumber to reduce gas emissions. Our luxury clients like knowing that the establishments they frequent share their values, and that's why we provide them with the latest trends in eco-friendly restaurant furniture. At L'Atelier Mata, we offer high-end furniture that is both timeless and environmentally conscious, making it the perfect choice for luxury dining establishments.

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