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The Bell Curve


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from Sep 12, 2020 hours 11:29 (UTC -07:00)
to Sep 13, 2020 hours 11:29 (UTC -07:00)

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“The Bell Curve” Book Reviews

“The Bell Curve” is a controversial and best-selling book written by late, eminent Harvard psychologist Richard J. Hernstein and Charles Murray. When the book was released and received a great deal public interest. In its first several months after being released, more than 400,000 copies of the book were sold worldwide. “The Bell Curve” book reviews discuss the book’s content and the valid criticisms of the work.

An outline of the book can serve as a good introduction for “The Bell Curve” book reviews. Next, “The Bell Curve” book reviews should then explain the significance of the book in exploring the variations of intelligence, the consequences of an intelligence gap, and the formulation of policies in mitigating these consequences. The assertions and conclusions reached by the authors in the book should then follow in “The Bell Curve” book reviews. The hottest point of controversy in this book is the relationship between race and intelligence and this should be examined in detail. In addition, “The Bell Curve” book reviews should examine the criticisms the book received that question the assumptions made in the book. “The Bell Curve” book reviews should also examine and discuss the important and generally overlooked social policy issues and recommendations that were identified by the authors. Finally, “The Bell Curve” book reviews should include a brief biography of the authors.

In order to write quality and informative “The Bell Curve” book reviews, you should first consult reliable sources on “The Bell Curve” as well as read examples of “The Bell Curve” book reviews from, which can help you gain a better understanding of the book and its message. Also, by reading examples of book reviews of other works, such as book reviews of “The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber”, book reviews of “American Slavery, American Freedom”, and book reviews of “Tearoom Trade” you can see examples of the proper way to write a book review, which you can then apply to writing your own paper.


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