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Watch Out for These Frequent German Errors

Monday May 8, 2023 hours 20:03 (UTC +05:30)


Monday May 8, 2023 hours 20:03 (UTC +05:30)


Without a doubt, the German language's difficulty has been a source of complaints for generations. We tend to place more pressure on ourselves to use the language perfectly the tougher it is. Even more so when you consider how confident native speakers of English tend to be. Learn German in Hong Kong and Learn Spanish in Hong Kong from Immerse Languages Institute to foster harmony and nurture yourself.

The Trickiest German Sounds: Common Errors in German Pronunciation

There is a common misconception that German is a "harsh" language.

The most typical errors in German pronunciation, in the opinion of many, include consonants.

The lips should move farther forward and make the "ch" sound in "ich" lighter. You are simply whispering that ich vowel, which needs the same tongue position as the vowel. In contrast, the ach-laut is produced more towards the back of the mouth with a little narrower neck than when producing the ach vowel.

Complicated Words

The easiest ones are those for which English doesn't exactly have an equivalent, such as wissen/kennen and tun/machine.

If that weren't enough, the few times you do see the word "tun" printed someplace, it will almost certainly be spelled incorrectly.

Return That Verb to Its Original Place

German word order errors of a different kind have more to do with comprehension than production. Depending on the number and case, German articles can take a variety of distinct forms; nonetheless, in English, they are always translated to "the."

Improve Grammar

It simply comes down to memorization and exposure, however, there are a few principles person may remember to make guessing noun gender go a bit faster. It's not a competition to learn German. The right noun endings will appear more natural the more time an individual spends using them.

The Greatest Error

If you use a few words incorrectly or omit an ending, German people won't bite you. Also person is missing out on unparalleled practice and a chance to meet new people if forcing to be quiet even when a lost German tourist asks for directions in the nation.

Although speaking with native speakers is the only surefire method to feel truly at ease among them, may still put out a lot of work at home.

Although learning German is a long process, frequently look back and are amazed at the progress. Also, get Mandarin Classes in Hong Kong at Immerse Languages Institute to get exceptional service.

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