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What are the Types of Sentences and to Use Them Accurately in Your Essay : Guide - 2022

Monday Nov 14, 2022 hours 00:17 (UTC -08:00)


Monday Nov 14, 2022 hours 00:17 (UTC -08:00)


You must have agreed with me on the claim that an essay is basically the combination of sentences and if you are the master of making sentences then, your essay is going to be a success.

Now, becoming a master of essays is not an easy thing because either you go for the long complex sentences or you stick to the short-length sentences. You do not go into things like dealing with multiple types of sentences and incorporating them in one essay so, your essay looks redundant and simple.

This is a major hindrance that you can face in writing. It's like you have a concept in mind but you do not know the right way to put it in words.

So, what do you think is the easy solution to deal with the sentence types and make your essay a success?

Of course, the first thing is to know about what you are dealing with. Either you want to make your essay impressive by dealing with multiple forms of sentences or you want to go into the simpler one. As far as I can suggest, an excellent essay writer always deals with multiple sentence types in an essay and he does not leave room for any redundancy. So, you have to learn this same trick by knowing what the sentence types are and how they can be used.

Well, if you want to learn about sentence structure then, you are on the right track. I have outlined the sentence types and how you can use them in the essay.

But first, you need to know what independent and dependent clauses are because they are part of every sentence type.

  • Independent Clause

It is a complete simple sentence that can stand on its own or you can combine them with other independent clauses. Such as:

“A heavy wave crashed onto the seashore”.

  • Dependent Clause

It is not complete but an unfinished thought which can not stand on its own and needs an independent clause to make sense. Such as:

“Because he hits a car” is an incomplete thought.

Now that you know about the independent and dependent clauses, you are ready to know about the sentence types too.

I think now, you are ready to know about the sentence types and their accurate use.

Simple sentence

It is the simplest type of sentence which has only an independent clause and you need to go for any dependent clause or further explanation like,

“Justin is dropped from his science class”.

This is a perfect simple sentence with Subject, Verb, and Object.

Complex sentence

Here, you can bring some variety in the text like you can add a dependent and independent clause in a sentence and both clauses have subject and verb. But you have to add one connecting word to avoid the sentence fragment.

Such as,

“I talked to him about the arising conflict even though he does not have a problem-solving attitude”.

It's your choice where you want to use the connecting words or dependent-making words in a sentence. Like you can use them in the middle of a sentence or you can for the start too. To write my essay for me, I used to go for complex and simple sentences both to add more diversity to my essay. with this strategy, you are going to rock the essay-writing things, folks.

Compound Sentence

In this essay type, you need to join two simple sentences together and you are going to connect these two independent clauses with a comma or semi-colon. Now here, these two parts will have their own subject and verb.

Such as:

“I am going to skip my science class; I will rather go to the library for my research work”.

But be careful here students because if you do not connect two sentences properly then, it is going to be a run-on instead of the compound sentence.

Compound complex sentence

This is a relatively difficult sentence type.

You have to add two independent clauses and one dependent clause to make it a compound-complex sentence. The punctuation rules will remain the same that you can use commas or semi-colons between two independent clauses and it depends on the context that you can punctuate the dependent clause or not.

For example,

“I was in the library, and Eva was taking her class while Justin was sleeping off the headache”.

Here a dependent-making word like “While” signals the initiation point of the dependent clause.

Also ,if you have weak writing skills, ask someone to write my essay.

Declarative sentence

The main goal of this sentence is to make a statement or tell you some information or claim. You can deliver any kind of information here but it should declare something. For example,

“My team lost the match at the last instant”.

This is the declarative sentence.

Interrogative sentence

This is a very important type of sentence like it adds more curiosity to your essay and attracts audience attention. Here, you can ask any question and out question mark at the end of the essay.

For Example,

Did she go to the party last night?

Exclamatory Sentence

Of course, you do not want your essay to look boring, so you add some emotion to it by writing an imperative sentence. These sentences are used to express the strong emotions of happiness, surprise, and sadness.

Such as,

What beautiful weather!

Now, whenever you use these sentences in your essay writing, you need to be careful if you are writing it the right way or not. If you think you need some writing samples, you can get online help and ask for college essay writerservice websites for the essay samples which can help you understand the perfect use. Or you can ask them to read your essay for you and point out mistakes in the essay.

It's up to you how you want to take it. Just be careful with the sentence and you will rock your essay writing. So, best of luck readers for your writing journey with different sentence types.

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