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Writing a literature review paper - a complete guide

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from Nov 8, 2022 hours 12:35 (UTC +05:00)
to Sep 8, 2023 hours 12:35 (UTC +05:00)


A literature review paper is a compilation of scholarly articles and their analysis on a given topic. It includes all the details that are available on the internet and are known to the world. It builds up the basis of the thesis statement. A literature review must include peer-reviewed articles and journal articles that are authentic and have legitimate reasoning. The literature review is not only a tool to evolve thesis statements, but also a basis for appropriate theories, techniques, and the limiting gaps left in existing research. In this article, I will provide a guide on how to write an effective literature review that any essay writer can use when writing this type of paper.

Before starting to write a literature review paper, there are a few points that one should consider. Foremostly, topic selection is the most critical point. One must select a topic that has existing literature and that can backup and support the thesis. After the selection of the topic comes the background and introduction. The topic alone cannot decide the thesis statement. There is a need for background research and an introduction that can solve the confusion for the writer. After opening the research paper, the writer can give the writing a rest and start on the literature review.

I have been writing many literature review papers. While I write my paper, firstly I write a background and introduction. The first thing I do is search by using keywords on Google Scholar. It is necessary to search for correct keywords to find the most relevant research articles. After I find a bunch of articles, I scrutinize them by adding a filter of recent (5 years) and journal articles only. One must make sure that these articles are the latest and correct without any ambiguity.

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The next step is to evaluate these research papers based on different qualifications. These qualifications include credibility of research, authors, affiliated institutes, and the information that the article possesses. Moreover, the methods and techniques used in the paper should be appropriate as well, and they all should make a connection with the topic of your research.

After the second step comes the most important part of the literature review. It includes highlighting the argument, facts, and limitations of the research. You can either highlight them or copy-paste them on a word document. This step is known as the identification of relevant research information.

The last step is to organize all the sources. By organizing, it means to arrange which source comes before and which source comes after in the context. Once this step is done, then all you need to do is rephrase all the highlighted parts in your words and connect all the research. The order that your research can be in is either chronological or in the order of content, like first the papers of topic introduction, then the papers of methodologies, and then the papers that have an accurate solution, should be stated in the paper.

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If these steps are taken properly, then the research paper will be robust with all the essentials. There is another way to compose a literature paper; that is by creating an annotated bibliography. Usually, researchers prepare an annotated bibliography way before they start to write a literature review paper. An annotated bibliography has all the relevant sources of the topic with a summary after the citation. The summary expands on different aspects of the annotated source, such as author credibility, main research objectives and results, as well as the source’s relevancy in regards to the future research paper. An annotated bibliography makes writing easy as all the sources are listed, and the researcher just needs to complete the literature review paper by joining all the sources with linking words. Thus, following these two ways ensures that an effective literature review paper is composed.

No research paper is complete without a literature review, as it holds the essence of a complete paper. It defines the reason and needs for that specific research paper. It elaborates the understanding of existing research and describes the loopholes. The literature review provides direction to researchers and provides new topics that can be researched.

Another aspect of writing a paper is the formats that must be used to properly design the paper. There are various formats like APA, MLA, Chicago, Harvard, and AMA. These formats are in use by different writers all around the world. These researchers belong to different fields like medicine, culture, literature, technology, and many more. These formats have different details that make each paper look distinct. Due to these differences, it is imperative to do some research on the format that you need to use for your literature review, as all your sources will be cited and referenced in accordance to that specific format.

The above tips comprise a guideline for new researchers to write their own literature review papers. It is indeed a tricky thing to write for newbies. However, there is a essay writing service that works to write papers for people. This service not only writes the paper but also guides writers on how to format it properly. Thus, keep your worries aside and start with opting for a topic for your research. You can write a brief background and introduction at first and then go for a source hunt. If you find yourself stuck somewhere, then ask for an expert's help, and they will help you go through the obstacle. Hence, complete your homework and get started with writing your own research paper that can explore new topics and research limitations.

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