All Metooo features

Metooo offers many event management tools, efficient and easy to use. A powerful site builder, an effective mailing service, and a complete ticketing system.

  • Website of the event

    Create a complete, effective and beautiful website for your event in just 5 minutes.

  • Import your lists from Gmail and MailChimp

    Connect your Gmail or MailChimp account to Metooo in just one click.

  • RSVP Email

    Create a wonderful e-mail invitation with the same style of your event, and invite your guests.

  • Ticketing

    Free or paid tickets, collection of donations and merchandising sales. Clear, unbeatable fees. Funds immediately available.

  • Waiting lists

    Manage bookings and overbooking. Manage your participation requests and select who can buy a ticket for your event.

  • Discount Codes

    Create fixed discount codes or percentage discount codes for paid tickets. You can use several codes on every ticket.

  • Check-in

    Even if your internet connection might be down for a bit, the app will synchronize your data instantly.

  • Embed of the ticket

    Insert ticket code on external web pages, full-responsive and customizable.

  • Survey and data collection

    Simplified construction and administration of questionnaires during ticket purchase.

  • Safe Transactions

    Choose whether to sell your tickets through PayPal or Stripe. In both cases, transaction security is guaranteed 100%, for your serenity and your buyers.

  • Private events

    Event page accessible only by the one who received the RSVP invitation. Or access password to view the page.

  • Scheduling

    Organizer profile with the calendar of all current and future events on a dedicated page.

  • Storytelling

    Creating, organizing, and posting posts related to the event on a dedicated page, to be distributed with its own URL.

  • Full responsive

    The event page is perfectly responsive, promotion and management are possible by any device connected to the internet.

  • Statistics

    Available visits, email and traffic statistics, complete and easy to understand.

Join Metooo and work smarter for managing your events.


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